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to the oakland ports spending scandal complete bay area news coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, it's monday, december 10th. this is bay area news at 7:00. first, a father is shot dead. now, two days later, his stepson is shot and wounded just away. we have jade to tell us more. >>> well, people who live here are talking. one man in particular is a pastor who lost his neighbor saturday. today, he could have lost that man's son all because of gun violence. >> his sign says it's time to come together. >> pastor nicolaus alexander. this morning, he was sent to a neighborhood for another shooting. the first shooting took place in front of the pastor's home on saturday when someone shot and killed a neighborhood while he was sitting in his car. >> we were friends. he was by neighbor. and so he wasn't a gang member or somebody that is on the streets or whatnot. he was a father. >> reporter: this morning, pastor says williams stepson was a block or so away from friends when someone opened fire. bullets struck the man and grazed a man by him. >> i don't see for
with his wife in oakland. too many memories. we found that out from the fed- ex driver. >> it is crazy. i can not understand what he is going through. >> reporter: he is his cousin and he is gutted by the news of yet another shooting. >> please, please, what can we do? what can we do in this country to stop this situation from happening all of the time? we can not live lifelike this. >> reporter: this is a memorial garden outside of the university. a stone for every victim. nobody here wanted to talk but for this family, talking is healing. >> we wish that some kind of thing you can do so you change things to prevent them from not happening. >> reporter: that is his christmas wish. >> now, today, the mayor issued a statement saying with the shooting in oakland earlier this year the city knows exactly what newtown connecticut is going through and offered oakland support in any way that it can. back to you. >>> the tragedy in connecticut brings to mind the 1989 deadly mas shooting at an elementary school in stockton. january 17th, 1989 the authorities say patrick purdy walked into the cl
it would stop. >> those we spoke with say they become immune to gun fire in this part of east oakland and feel something has to be done. but until then a beloved member of the community is gone too soon. >> at first i didn't believe it. i mean, you know, mona, she never bothered anybody. why would somebody kill her. >> police have not released a suspect o or a motive. however some in the community believe the shooter was aiming at a car passing by. the family is planning a memorial this weekend. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new information tonight where police are searching for a bank robber. police tell us the city bank on third street was robbed just before 5:00. the man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, but tonight we have just received this surveillance photo of the suspect. the man there in the road hoodie is described as white in his 20s about 5'8" inches tall with a shaved head and tatoos on his hands, head and neck. >> police say that a hit and run driver killed a man out whacking his dog this morning. the accident happened at sutor and louisiana lose streets. th
december 27th and i'm here. and this is news at 7:00 and oakland is concerned when people broke into a housing development. and here's what the video shows and how this could solve other crimes. >> oakland police men are searching for this man and two others who were involved in a break in and they have the best evidence. surveillance video which we obtained exclusively. >> resident are on edge because some men forced their way in. this surveillance video shows one men who looked at the camera and prying open the door on december 19th. >> he had a crowbar or something else. they started putting pressure on the door and they shifted it to the left to start opening the mechanism. >> it takes several minutes to open the door but he and two men walk in and enter the elevator. >> you can see it. >> and what's no. 4. >> no. 4 is the top floor of the building and from there they started scoping the area and looking for an opportunity. >> they took nothing, but they could come back. >> who knows if they have guns. they count when the ope not being able to respond because they're underst
and then taken into custody. >>> oakland leaders were quick a deal to keep the police department --. >> this is in my opinion will even tie the hands of our police officer men and women to do their job. >> city member spoke out against the arrangement. that opinion was not shared by the rest of the city counsel or the police officer union. the deal would bring in a director of compliance to guide the department even the right to fire command staff. >>> helping bay area home owners. why woman says she's proof these types of actions are effective. >> one of several dozen people who rallied in downtown oakland today. she says she's tried unsuccessfully 17 times to modify her mortgage. >> me and my husband were like, okay, we've done everything we're going to do. let's just walk away. >> what do we want? >> in june of this year -- and she was successful. now she's taking part to help others. >> taken low income or moderately middle class and gotten us together as a community. we got sold out. >> this man tried to push the security guard out the door. members put up yellow tape around
. >> the teams response and if there will be changing. >>> the royal family issues their condolences. >>> oakland police say 8 people are behind bars tonight after a s.w.a.t. team action. dozens of officers took part at 79th avenue before midnight last night. the suspects were arrested for various offenses including illegal firearms. their names have not been released. >>> a young man remains hospitalized after a frightening fall after the upper deck of the coliseum. and the highest points. >> i did not hear anything about it. >> a man described as being 18 years old toppled over the railing of the upper deck of the coliseum, falling 30 feet on the concourse below t. happened around kick off at 5:30 last night. in a statement the management company explained the fan was attended to by oakland police and paramedics who took him to a nearby hospital. he was conscious when he left. he remains in the hospital today, receiving treatment. some witnesses told the police that the man was sitting on the railing along the deck and lost his balance. others say it looked like the man jumped. >> there is ceme
in 10 minutes the next fare free day plus how muni's growth shaped the cityism the police in oakland are still looking for a man who fled the scene of a fatal collision. the 34-year-old, moore, sped off in a bmw after officers pulled him over at 90th and bancroff. he t-boned a car at interstate 580. a female passenger in the lincoln was killed and three others were injured. the police arrested moore but his passenger got away. >>> across oakland, three people were killed in two separate cases early today. two men were fatally shot near downtown. a woman was stabbed to death in an apartment on walnut street. two men were fatally shot. neighbors say they heard arguing at the apartment where the woman was killed. a man with cuts to his hands was detained by the police. meantime, the authorities identified the victims of the double homicide as darryl armstrong and 19-year-old keith davis. both shot several times. oakland police have not made any arrests in this case. oakland has seen 130 homicides this year. that is 20 more than last year. >>> it has been chowdy -- cloudy and cold all d
and 21-year-old monotrel blackens of oakland on murder charges. 19-year-old tyler miller, 24-year-old heather leach and 22-year-old man na las kis of oakland are charged with accessories to murder. >> it was established there was an extensive relationship between the victims and suspects in this case. >> police aren't saying where the vims were beaten and shot or why they were left in this quiet neighborhood. >> the motive is unknown. it ice part of the investigation process to try to determine what exactly happened with the motive. >> we asked to speak with the suspects being held in jail but all declined interviews. the district attorney's office tells us it's reviewing the police case and has 48 hours to decide whether to file charges. >>> and now to developing news out of san jose where police flvthing the shooting death of a teenager. it happened about 3:20 this afternoon on fair haven drive just south of the willow glen neighborhood. police say they were called out on reports of a vehicle accident but when they got there they say they found a 16-year-old boy sufrg from at le
the contractor can finish the job. >>> oakland police are remaining tight lipped about the arrest of a teenage autistic girl when was assaulted after walking away from the home. we are told the 16-year-old victim who has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old left the center last tuesday. two days later she turned up on a bus in san francisco. the girl's father says his daughter was sexually assaulted. he says he is upset about the lack of communication from the police. >> by the bruises i know what happened. the police know what happened but the police aren't discussing it with me. >> in a statement released today oakland police said they would like to provide more information but can only confirm that an arrest has been made. >>> gunfire outside an oakland middle school happened about 11:40. police say two suspects fired shots during an attempted home envision near the school. one man was arrested near the scene. a witness said another man was spotted limping away. police say a man did show up at the hospital a half hour later with a gunshot wound. the investigation is on going. >>> a 14-year-o
: oakland police showed off a few of guns they took in the buy back program. this sergeant says the school shooting at son i did hook was on everyone's mind. >> one officers sold me he heard a woman who saw the coverage of shooting and found a gun at her house and sold it. >>reporter: cash was donated to buy back the guns. >> as buy backs go, this exceeds in the buy back we've ever done before and i think it's completely because folks wanted to get these guns out of the their houses in light of tragedy in connecticut. >>reporter: oakland's mayor says getting these guns off the street is a good start but believes the country needs stricter controls. >> we're glad to take these guns off the street. there's still many guns out there in the hand of young people. >>reporter: both police department say the killings like the ones in connecticut raise awareness but say they are seeing a steady stream of young people killed by gun violence one at a time. they say it's like a slow motion tragedy. >>> a town council meeting that's just now getting under way is expected to draw crowds of protestors op
people attended a mass at oakland's catholic cathedral. many parents brought their children and the names of the victims were read allowed. the archbishop placed a wreath outside with a rose for each life lost. the outmoring for grief is being felt in fairfield where the temple on rockdale is hosting a vigil, temple leaders opening the doors to anyone that needs a place for those to march. >> people gathered to help in the healing from last week's shooting. it was part of an emotional day and a new vow from president obama for changes to america's gun policies. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ♪ beautiful music to help heal a hurting community, these are images from tribute to newtown an event organized by nearby communities. >> standing together, dreaming together. praying together. and building together. there can be a tomorrow, a and newtown can live again and rise from its ashes and began again. >> earlier wednesday the heart- wrenching funerals carried on and the car carrying 7-year-old daniel barden passed the first reponders stood by to pay respects. loved ones are saying
. it involves half of the staff in san ramon. they are scheduled to move between now and 2015. >>> the oakland a's are not moving any time soon. the l.a. times, the owner says he will not move the team for 5 years. in the letter to the commission he proposed an agreement that would delay a move to san jose until 2018. the a's lease at the coliseum expires after the 2013 season. >>> the quest for the latest air jordan sneakers turned tense this morning. >> they took had this video saying the mall in newark this morning. shoppers say that a security guard at thehoe store was rushed by the crowd when he started handing out tickets to people in line. the police were call inside to keep an eye on the situation. the air jordan sneakers retail for there 185 but they can sell for hundreds more on-line. >>> a number of retailers are keeping their doors open longer so shoppers can take care of the christmas list. toys 'r us launchedda launched a around-the-clock marathon. >>> president barack obama nominated senator john kerry to be the next secretary of state. the president said that kerry's entire life
more about the san francisco man charged in an attack on an autistic teen. oakland police say surveillance video from the fruitvale bart station helped lead them to 36-year-old gary steven atkinson. he was charged today with multiple counts including kidnapping and rape. police say atkinson has a criminal record. investigators say the 16-year-old was kidnapped after leaving the fred finch youth center in oakland last tuesday. the injured girl was found on an muni bus in san francisco two days later. >>> state attorney general has the immigration and customs enforcement program known as secure communities is unconstitutional and today she told law enforcement to use their own discretion. >> this will make clear to them that they have the right to release those undocumented immigrants if they believe that 's in the best interest of public safety in their community. >> secure communities instructs law enforcement to hold undocuments immigrants until ice can pick them up. critics say it clogs jails and nets too many people who are not dangerous criminals. >>> federal regulators ha
. you can postthem directly to our facebook page. >>> oakland police investigating a homicide. they responded to a gun shot about 3:30 this afternoon. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. so far, no suspects in custody. the man's name has not been released. >>> continuing coverage of a bottom hoax that shut down two schools. lincoln elementary for the day. a spray painted message was found this morning in san jose threatening to kill a teacher with a bottom. a sweep found no devices. they have strong leads. >> we are looking at several t people. >> authorities also checked other schools but didn't find anything out of the ordinary. the target of the threat is a well-liked english teachers. students are surprised at what's being done to protect that teacher. >> it didn't take long for students to find out what teacher was targeted. >> he set a really good atmosphere for learning. i don't know why it was him. he doesn't deserve it. >> whatever it is, i'm sure it's a joke. he seems the last person anyone should target. >> on the website rate my teacher.com, he gets positive re
will be able to view the radar. >>> we are following developing news in oakland where a shopping mall was evacuated for more than two hours because of a suspicious package. we were over the air as the bomb squad investigated. the oakland police say after 4:30 a security guard noticed a package. the mall has a mcdonald's and other restaurants and businesses there. nearby streets were shutdown and we just learned the scene was cleared 30 minutes ago. no word about the package. >>> the police are working to find out the identity of the person found dead in a house fire. by the time the firefighters got there the cabin was almost destroyed. the firefighters were mopping up they discovered a body in the rubble. the cause is under investigation. >>> the cause of an early morning fire is under investigation tonight. it was reported before 7:45 on south 24th street. the firefighters say the fire was contained to the attic but parts of the main business were damaged by waoert. at first firecrews had difficulty attacking the blaze because of a hazardous location of an electrical panel. >>> con
. in the oakland hills debris crumbled onto a roadway early this morning. you're looking at pine hurs road. the trees and mud cover and had blocked one lane of the road. crews in marin county rushed to turn off water lines after 13-inch lane burst this morning in mill valley. it happened on marin vav between bell lane and flamingo road. the road buckled and crews fear add sink hole might be created from the water washing underneath the pavement. crews say this break is likely due to old pipes. >>> and in fremont, car owners dealt with the damage caused by a large tree that fell during last night's rain. the tree fell around 7:00 at piralta boulevard. no one was injured but one of the cars is totalled and the other is seriously damaged. >>> emergency repairs are underway at a damaged levy in east palo alto tonight, wurngs after flooding forced dozens of people from their homes last night. as john fowler reports, residents say the repairs are long overdue. >> state sandbag crews arrived about 6:30 tonight in east palo alto. they planned to work on the san francisco creek levy during the nigh
. the double decker buses fitchew find power outlets and it freeze oakland and san jose. >>> one bay area law enforcement agency is getting more than a leg up in fighting crime. how the four legged addition will also help the nation other areas. >> and recent cool down expected to continue. bill martin tells us which part of bay area will feel the coldest tomorrow. and if you're on the go you can still watch life on your computer smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to ktvu.com. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. oh, it's great! now i can
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